Key Information for Ordering Perforated Products

Perforated Patterns Sizing perforated patterns holes sizing
  1. Perforation Pattern – See technical information page or call out your requirement
  2. Specify Pattern Orientation – Direction of pattern on sheet
  3. Material Type – Tin Plate, Cold Rolled Steel, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, etc.
  4. Coating Requirements
  5. Gauge or Material Thickness – Include minimum and maximum thickness required
  6. Width & Length Dimensions – Include tolerances
  7. Margin Requirements – Your preferred dimensions (Specific, Minimum, or None Required)
  8. Quantity – Annual volume and release quantity
  9. Packaging Specifications – Special packaging, type of skid, maximum quantity or weight
  10. Shipping Instructions and Delivery Requirement
  11. Any Certifications, Warrants or PPAP Requirements
  12. Other Critical Characteristics or Information – Mounting holes, special finishes, etc.
  13. Please include Applicable Sketches or Drawings for Custom Application